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Steam Turbine - TR m600

Steam Turbine TR m600 is used both with and without a gear. The advantage of this steam turbine type is the possibility of using more rows of blades. Steam turbine blades can be regulated by either mechanical or electronic regulator.

Steam turbine TR m600 consists of a frame welded together, where the small steam turbine, generator, pump, second gear, oil kit and oil tank can be found. The rotor of steam turbine is placed between two plain bearings. The rotor shaft is connected to the gear with a flexible link. Impermeability of the steam system is assured through a special contact valve, through which steam can vent.




1.  steam entrance

2.  steam exit

3.  turbine case

4.  mechanical regulator

5.  running machine

6.  base frame


Working placement of the steam turbine

This types of steam turbines automatically control the rotations of the shaft, based on the requirements of the running machine. In the case of mechanical drive, the output pressure of steam is not regulated.


This type of steam turbine TR m600 already save money in Sugarcane Factory in Edfu Egypt.

Basic Parameters

For Mechanical drive
For powering generator
With an integrated gear
Input steam pressure max. [MPa] 6.0
Input temperature of steam max. [°C] 450
Output steam pressure max. [MPa] 0.9
Generator output max. [kW] 1,200
Generator rotations [rpm] 5000