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Steam Turbine - TR 320

Micro Steam Turbine 320 is designed for fueling generators and for electricity production.

The Stator of TR 320 is connected to the gear, which reduces the rotations of the turbine wheel to rotations of the electric asynchronous generator. On the base frame, which also includes a complete oil kit, you can find the gear, which is connected to the turbine with a flexible link. Impermeability of the steam system is assured through a special contact valve.




1.  steam entrance

2.  steam exit

3.  turbine case

4.  gear

5.  asynchronous generator

6.  base frame



Running a steam turbine together with a steam reducing station

The micro steam turbine automatically reduces the pressure of steam from higher value to the required lower value. The generator electricity output is tied to the amount of steam.


On the steam turbine schema above you can see the easy set up. The priority is with generating heat, in our case steam in the boiler for the current technology. The steam travels to the steam divider and then is reduced to the required pressure at the reduction station. The Micro Steam Turbine is connected in parallel to the steam reduction station in order to increase the efficiency of the whole heating circulation. 

Basic Parameters

For Mechanical drive
For powering generator
With an integrated gear
Input steam pressure max. [MPa] 9.0
Input temperature of steam max. [°C] 550
Output steam pressure max. [MPa] 2.5
Generator output max. [kW] 700
Generator rotations [rpm] 3000