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Microturbines spin
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We have put togehter a list of useful keywords related to steam turbines to help you better understand their operation and specifics. For even more information about steam turbines installation process and operation, please visit our case study.



  • Steam turbine - machine that generates electricity transforming internal heat power from steam to mechanical power and then electrical power
  • Micro turbine - steam turbine that generates electricity aprox. up to 1MW
  • Pressure regulator - valve that regulates pressure, usually of steam
  • Small steam turbine - steam turbine that generates electricity aprox. up to 15MW
  • Pressure reducing valve - valve that reduces pressure
  • Back pressure turbine - steam turbine that uses steam from the output for other production cycle
  • Steam valve - valve that operates under steam conditions
  • Micro turbine generator = microturbine
  • Pressure control valve = pressure regulating valve
  • Steam turbine efficiency - internal efficiency of a steam turbine, can be measured at diffent places, e.g. trubine, coupling, generator
  • Steam turbine power plant - power plant that uses a steam turbine to convert energy from fuel into electricity
  • Steam relief valve - emergency valve that relieves steam when necessary
  • Steam turbine generator = steam turbine
  • Steam regulating valve - valve that regulates steam input
  • Types of steam turbines - backpressure turbine, condensing turbine
  • Steam turbine parts - specific parts of a steam turbine, such as casing, blades, rotating parts, gear, coupling, oil system, control system etc. that creates the whole unit
  • Pressure reducing station - system which reduces steam pressure, it can be a steam turbine, a cooler or reducing valve
  • Low pressure steam turbine - a turbine that is constructed to run under low pressure parameters
  • Multistage turbine - a turbine that has more then one row of bladewheels
  • Steam reduction - process that reduces steam pressure
  • Steam turbine control system - system of a steam turbine that controls all important aspects of the turbine during its startup and operation
  • Steam turbine overhauling procedure - service or maintenance of steam turbine, that has to be carried out in order to maintain safe running of the ST