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The purpose of this case study is to introduce the sales process of a TR (steam turbine) from the first contact with a potential customer, through signing of the contract, till the installation, commissioning and service.

The study is divided into several phases for better lucidity.

• PHASE – inquiry / offer

During the first phase the client sends us the steam inlet parameters. He shares with us his vision of the project that should newly include the steam turbine. After we receive the steam parameters, G-Team engineers prepare and submit first revision of the offer.
The first phase is usually quite long. The clients are ordering not only the steam turbine, but also the material and goods which complement it. Therefore, it is no exception that the parameters for the steam turbine change during the negotiations. There are a lot of revisions of the price and the technical offer. The final offer is almost always different from the original one.
This phase usually takes from 3-6 months, however in some cases even longer.

• PHASE – personal contact / contract establishing

During this phase the negotiations become more frequent and intense. The discussions focus mainly on finding the right price acceptable for both parties.
The first meeting takes place, when the representatives of both sides personally introduce themselves. Additionally, a training is offered to the customer to present the company, to show the assembly hall and the steam turbines. This gives us an opportunity to demonstrate our unique personal approach that we take with all our customers. Moreover, we can establish a closer relationship that is often the key factor for the final decision whether to entrust us with the contract or not.
This phase takes approximately 3-6 months.

• PHASE – contract

When a new customer decides to cooperate with our company, we prepare a contract which includes the following requisites:

  • Delivery time
  • Payment terms
  • Insurance
  • Warranty
  • Scope of delivery

The duration of this phase may often take quite long, mainly because of the funding. It is common that the customer needs to persuade the investor to release money for the project.
This phase takes approximately 1-3 months.

• PHASE – manufacture and delivery of TR

After signing the contract, the manufacturing process of the steam turbine follows. When the manufacturing is completed, the customer is notified. We may ask the customer to arrange transportation if the delivery is out of our scope.
This phase takes approximately 6-9 months.

• PHASE – installation and commissioning of TR

After delivery of the TR to the agreed site of installation, a team of installation and commissioning engineers arrive to determine whether the shipment has not been damaged during transport. When the inspection is completed, the team starts with the installation. After that, we usually wait for the new TR to be connected to the steam. Therefore, we set the next arrival date for the team. Our team then puts the TR into a 48 hour test operation. After a successful completion of the test operation, the Installation Termination Report is written. Our engineers train the staff to operate and maintain the new steam turbine.
This phase consist of two visits, each takes approximately 14 days.

Installation on the concrete base Control panel Installation

• PHASE – service and maintenance of TR / post-sale services

When the commissioning is successfully completed, it is necessary to ensure that the customer gets all the support he needs. Most of our customers see a TR in operation for the first time in their lives and it takes some time to fully understand its specifics and behavior. We make sure to take special care of our customers during this stage, as there are usually many questions at the beginning. Over some time, the staff will learn to control the TR and to handle simple deviations from the normal operations. They gain a deeper understanding of the TR.

We make an inspection of the TR after 2 years of operation. We can also send an offer to change certain components if needed.


From the initial communication with the customer to the commissioning, the process may take up to 2 years. Once the staff becomes familiar with the TR, it is easy to operate and highly automated. The payback period is usually under two years and the TRs have a lifespan of at least 25 years. The long lifespan, minimal installation size and high heat efficiency in the range of 85 % - 93,5 % make our steam turbines the perfect solution for an absolute efficiency of your existing system.

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