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Microturbines spin
- up new energy savings

One step closer to an absolute efficiency...

With the installation of a microturbine - the rotating reduction from G-Team a.s.

The microturbine (rotating reduction) is merged with your existing system, which reduces your costs through electricity production or a direct drive of other devices.

Our equipment already earns money in these industries:

chemical plants, wood plants, breweries, dryers, distilleries, dairies, sugar refineries, rendering and heating plants, incinerators, heat exchangers and many others...

See our case study to learn more about our operations and the sales and installation process.

How can I earn money with microturbines?

Steam turbines earn you money everyday!

Today earned: about $410.02

Are you interested in the benefits stemming from the installation of our micro steam turbines?

Why include a microturbine in my installation offer of the technology units?

  • Expanding the installation portfolio will reduce client's costs
  • Easy installation
  • Low cost of installation, service and maintenance
  • Minimum dimensions for installation, low cost on technical basis
  • Modular-like construction = Parameterization of sets to meet installation demands
  • The possibility of producing electricity or drive other sets
  • and much more...
Installation benefits of microturbines