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Microturbines spin
- up new energy savings

Advantages of our steam turbines

Make yourself familiar with the advantages of steam turbines from G-Team. Their merits include a quick return on investment and a high efficiency, as they make use of excess heat that would normally go to waste.

Earn money, where others lose it. Create a new source of energy from your excess steam.

The delivery of a complex solution reduces your installation costs. Our turbines are easy to operate and highly automated.

  • Minimal installation size
  • High heat efficiency in the range of 85% - 93,5 %
  • Lifespan of at least 25 years > even more efficiency of steam turbine


Short Payback Period

The Payback Period is usually under 2 years 

The payback period is influenced by the power of the steam turbines, its placement in the system and by any other personal request that you may have. However we can always guarantee a good ratio of price and benefits for any type of steam turbine.


Short Payback Period


steam turbine Efficiency

Making use of even the smallest sources of steam

Small steam turbines use the energy from excess steam that would otherwise be wasted, therefore saving money by producing electricity. High steam turbine efficiency shortening the payback period. 

low installation cost

Compared with normal EPC units, our delivery costs are much lower.

Due to the complex solution, there are no extra construction costs for adding further devices. The costs can further be reduced, depending on the simplicity of installation which reflects your individual needs.

installation of turbines installation of turbines installation of turbines


Our turbines are simple – easy to set up and easy to use.

  • a simple constructional solution
  • a complete delivery on the base frame together with the oil kit
  • no need for an additional steam turbine supplier of extra services 
  • no need to install further devices to process the steam
  • minor repairs are simple enough to be handled by your own technical department


high automation

Due to a high automation, operation and maintenance of the industrial steam turbine is simple. The easy operation is supported by a swift delivery of spare parts and a fast and cheap servicing in comparison with foreign suppliers.